Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning from life itself 3- Farid


I met a person in Burlington Mosque whose name is Farid.
He is a Pakistani and a family man.

He told me of a story about himself.

This is his story ;

Long before , he had to do many jobs in order to support is family.
Yes , life is tough in America . Some people who has never been here will think that dollars ( yes , the greenback ) grew on trees (a friend of mine told me that back in his country , people think that dollars grew on tree and people just came and pick all the dollars ).

He works round the clock .

Obviously , with his job , it is almost impossible to pray Jumaat prayer.
So , he always if not often miss the Jumaat prayer.

One day , a friend of him realize this and gave him an advice.

He said , no matter how much you have obey with the 5 salah daily pray but if you miss the Jumaat prayer , you will be in great trouble in Akhirat.

But farid told his friend, it is impossible because of his job commitment .

So ,his friend told him to make 2 rakaat salah and pray to Allah that Allah make it easy for him to pray for Jumaat prayer.
His friend also advice Farid to talk to his manager to let him go during Jumaat prayer.
His friend also told him that if he had done his 2 rakaat prayer and make dua' to Allah and ask for a break from his manager to go Jumaat , and still his manager didn't let him go for Jumaat prayer ,
then at least he had tried and did ask Allah for help.

Then , the next morning , farid talk to is manager to let him go during Jumaat prayer
, and to his dismay , his manager reject his application.

Farid feel sad , but at least he did ask Allah for help and he did the best he could.

Surely , Allah is the Most Gracious and The Most Merciful , Allah is the Greatest , to Allah we ask for everything and it is He Whom granted everything.

That afternoon, his manager called him to is office. She said that she needed him to work on Friday night because they want her wife to work on Saturday morning ( both him and his wife work at the same place but different shift).

MasyaAllah , Allahuakbar , all praise to Allah , Farid now could go to pray Jumaat since he change is shift from day to night.
He never miss Jumaat prayer again.

All praise to Allah who granted His Mercy to Farid and to all of us.

And Farid said to me ;

'Brother , if you are in trouble or if you need anything , pray two rakaat , make dua' to Allah , surely Allah will help you, He is the Most Gracious ,the Most Merciful'

I almost cried when he said that .

I've learned a very good lesson and Alhamdulillah , to Allah I ask for everything.

May Allah accept our good deeds and forgave our bad deeds and accept our repentance to Him, amin ya rabbal a'lamin.

Note; And his company even gave him room to pray for his 5 times daily prayer since he prays salat in the cafeteria .May Allah bless his soul.


Apa Kau Nak said...

It's always interesting to taste Islam in a country where it's not embraced by default. We learn and value things more than in our country where a lot of things are taken for granted.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother!

All praises be to Allah for making it easier for your friend!

Be steadfast in your Iman and Amals!

Insya Allah, everything will just work out smoothly for you and your loved ones!


Unknown said...

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