Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramadhan in Boston USA

 It's already Ramadhan and probably it's not too late to wish Ramadhan Mubarak to all muslim brothers and sisters. This is my first time my Ramadhan in USA and my 4th time outside Malaysia( well i went for studies in England back in 90's )
One thing that really amazed me all the time is that how packed the mosque is whenever Ramadhan comes . Here in Boston ( Quincy more specific) , muslims were originated from all over the world and some Americans would come and pray and worships Allah in His house, MasyaAllah. That is one of the blessing of Ramadhan where the remembrance of Allah is plentiful during this time .
Currently , it's Fall season right now and fajr time is 4:50 am and maghrib is around 7:10 pm . The weather wasn't really that hot and humid like we had during summer, but it was rather pleasant which temperature ranging from 80- 90 deg F during daytime to 50-60 deg F during the night.
The challenge of fasting is not the weather , but rather the 'sexiness' of the population here, since it is still consider hot weather for Americans , so the dress is a little bit 'exposed' I would say. Lower you gaze most of time is the 'key' in order to fulfill your fasting obligation. Since i didn't listen to music except for nasheed songs ( even that i have stop listening for Ramadhan).
Halal food is aplenty around this area. There are 4 groceries stores and 1 groceries cum pizza store within 5 minutes drive.There is also 1  huge Chinese groceries store that sells most of food stuff from Vietnam, Thailand ,Indonesia and Malaysia as well. They even sell durian , serai fresh just like back in Malaysia ,Ikan masin ( what ?? ) , daun pandan , bunga kantan and even daun pisang ( wow !!!), just name it , InsyaAllah , they'll have that.
Anyway, I'll continue writing later as Asar is approaching and best deeds for prayer is when you pray it at mosque,  jamaah and early . 


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Unknown said...

I suggest to Kechau Tersang Boston, that as for "defending islam", why not he do it himself rather than enjoying the good life in Boston; Come back lah, rather than going on to Birmingham on a Government Sponsored Scholarship and studying Engineering, go to Cairo and take Islamic studies, get well versed in that and come back and "defend islam" . I wonder how YOU would feel in the Federal Government in America decided to on an offensive against Muslims, which they very well can, all things considered.